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TheGoStand Story

Rusty Theinert first came up with the idea of TheGoStand back in 2005 when he was living in San Diego, CA.

Loving the sun and the water as much as he does, he would frequent the beautiful California beaches quite often. One of the things he was always aware of was that no matter what cold beverages he brought, the sun would quickly make it too warm to finish. This caused him to dump out 25% of almost every beverage.

He noticed others were doing the same thing with their water, beer, juice, soda, etc. People playing horseshoes, ladder golf, or other beach games, would build what he called "Volcano Tables," a small mountain of beach sand to hold the beverage of choice at a convenient height, so they wouldn’t have to bend over so far.

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Every once in a while, he would see someone with a homemade type of beach table that would keep their beverage out of the hot sand but not out of the hot sun, or it would easily slip off into the sand. He would see drinks that were set in the sand either get knocked over or have sand kicked in it from people walking by.

That is when he decided to try and come up with something that would solve all of these issues - height convenience, shading, sun protection, and hot sand. Coming up with a basic idea, he asked some friends and family their thoughts.

After brainstorming, he came up with TheGoStand.

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He was getting a positive reaction from his idea and one of his friends commented that she loved it but made a suggestion: what if it could be used for tailgating, too? Using the same design, he incorporated a hard surface base. Now he had a product that could be used just about anywhere: the desert, the backyard, poolside, picnics, barbecues, camping, boating, tailgating, car shows, sporting events, corn hole, horseshoes, darts, small balcony area, beside a jacuzzi, etc.

He's proud to have made a unique product that's not only unrivaled by the competition, but is helpful to people who don't want to or can't bend down, such as veterans recovering from injuries. He also found he could use TheGoStand to hold his phone, keys, sunglasses, snacks, and sunblock, along with his beverages.

"I personally keep at least two in each of my vehicles," he says, "because you never know where you will wind up and need one."

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